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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 5, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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that will be the poll that matters. greta is right next door i saw her standing by. >> greta: good evening. filibuster is back. guess what? scott brown just officially became senator brown. >> please raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic? thank you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same thank you take this oath -- this obligation without reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter, so help you god? >> i do. >> congratulations senator. [ applause ] >> greta: now what does president obama expect? does senator brown tame the president's agenda?
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senator lemieux joins. probably the only senator that hasn't fled washington, d.c. with the storm coming. >> i'm leaving tomorrow morning. i'm looking forward to get back to the sunshine state. >> greta: you are a brave man everyone has fled. now you have a new member of the senate how is that going to affect the president's agenda, if at all? >> i think it is going to bring bipartisanship, i hope it is, back to washington. he's not just the senator from massachusetts he's the 41st senator for america. no longer will the democrats be able to steam roll over us everyone the american people spoke up. it wasn't just people in massachusetts. people in florida contributed to scott brown. made phone calls on his behalf. i think it was a national referendum. now, we have that 41st vote and i think it is going to lead to better policy because republicans have to have a
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voice and a seat at the table as we go forward. >> greta: one thing i found curious in covering health care, i speak to democrats they say the republicans are obstructionists, they are the party of no. i speak to the republicans and i hear you saying this. you had no seat at the table, no opportunity, no voice. tell me your efforts or your experience? i'm trying to sort out what is what. >> well, it is true. we didn't have a seat at the take. the dealings were done and the majority lead area harry reid's conference room, no republican was allowed in. hit a proposal and i know this will warm your heart from your experience in the criminal justice system. i had a proposal to try to stop health care fraud as part of this discussion. we're losing 60 billion dollars a year in medicare fraud alone. hit a proposal that some thought might cut 20 billions out of that save 20 billions a year for medicare. i tried to introduce that proposal on the floor of the senate in december and the
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democrats wouldn't allow me to debate it. because they already had their deal done. now we have senator brown, america's 41st senator i hope we'll have an opportunity to have a discussion so we can do good policy for the american people. >> greta: how did they stop you? did they say tough luck we don't want to hear from you? more american people as they learn about what goes on in capitol hill it looks a little high schoolish from time to time. how did they stop you from putting your ideas forward? >> unfortunately, i'm new here so it is all a bizarre situation. you would think you would have an opportunity to the world's greatest debating institution to debate all these issues. the truth is, we have 19th century rules in the united states senate as to how laws are passed. you just can bring up an amendment. when i brought up my amendment, the democrats had done their procedural maneuverings to
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keep our amendments from going forward. only within democrat had to object to my procedure. and my proposal. so -- >> greta: who objected to yours? >> i was senator baucus the chairman of the finance committee. to his credit he has met with me after and told me that he's interested in my idea and i hope we can work on iting to. >> greta: it is too late. he had his chance. it is nice after he sort of, you know, bars you, prevents you then pulls you aside saying sorry maybe talk about it later that is rather lame because it doesn't get debated whether it is a good or bad idea. >> imagine if we could have saved 20 billion dollars a year to prevent health care fraud before it stars and put that back in the medicare trust fun so it goes to health care for seniors and we didn't get to talk about that idea. >> greta: what is harry reid like? did he embrace your ideas or nod at new the hall?
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any relationship with you at all? >> he's a fine fellow and he nods at me. this is not what the american people would expect. it is not a free flowing debate about ideas. the democrats had 60 votes they didn't need any of the republicans to get anything done. they pressed on. made their deals, cornhusker kickback, louisiana purchase, all the different deals were done and they thought they didn't have to talk to the republicans. they just rolled us over. you remember 24 days in a row we voted on christmas eve morning at 1:00 in the morning. they did everything they could to get this done. the american people spoke up in a special election in massachusetts arguably the most liberal state in the country. that state voted for a republican to send a message to the democrats in congress and the president enough is enough. we are spending too much money this health care bill cutting medicare, raising taxes not
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reducing the cost of insurance it wasn't right for america. >> greta: we ought to tell the viewers, how long have you been in the u.s. senate? you just replaced a senator recently? >> i'm new, i came in september. >> greta: you can't be for the rules going on for -- for centuries. >> i don't think. but i bring fresh eyes to it representing my state of 18 million. that someone comes having a business background experience in state government where we balance budgets in business we make payrolls. this congress spends money like it is out of control. no one has any cognizance of how much we take in versus how much we spend. it is really out of control. >> greta: thank you good luck getting to your sunshine state before the snow whacks that city. >> thanks >> greta: she said it was not a louisiana purchase. senator landrieu passionately
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denying any secret backroom deals. speaking out, earned louisiana 300 million dollars in medicare funds. >> my critics have said there she goes again senator landrieu running off on her own making all sorts of terrible things and making the state of louisiana look bad. i've spent 30 years of my life trying to represent the people of my state and make them look good. even when they were wrong, i've defended them. when they were right i praised them. when i was wrong i apologized. when i was right i was very proud of my work. never, never in my life, have i ever or will ever, throw the people of my state under a bus, to save my reputation or my job. i know what i am inside. i don't need anyone to remind me of the goodness that i have
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inside. my parents do that, my husband, my children do that for me everyday. and i don't most certainly need anyone and i don't need this job badly enough, maybe some people do, i don't, to throw the people of my state under a bus to protect myself politically. since the formula per cap -- per capita the increase would significantly impact our allocation. we ask that you meet with secretary levine to develop a solution to the unique problem that our state is facing. this is an example of one letter. i have many others. signed by our entire delegation, asking the officials up here from the white house to kathleen sebelius to other powerful members here to please look at louisiana's situation. because ours alone the 50
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state was unique. i'll explain why in a minute. the fact that this was secret is a lie. the fact that it wasn't supported by our delegation is a lie. in every corresponds dense public in every public meeting and private meeting, i pressed for this issue. but never did i say, at any time if this wasn't in the bill, that i wouldn't vote for it or if it was in the bill that i would vote for it. because i don't believe in that as strongly as i feel about this provision and the merits of it, i would never have asked my colleagues. >> greta: senator landrieu up for reelection in 2014. coming up, can you hear that buzzing sound? it is getting loud coming from nashville, tennessee. national tea party convention. among the buzz there's controversy. live report from carl cameron. organizers of the convention
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>> greta: the tea party convention kicks off in nashville, tennessee. organizers say it is sold out. former governor palin is the keynote speaker. this tea party is not all smiles. who was supposed to be there but dropped out and why? carl cameron joins us live how is the tea party convention? >> reporter: terrific they got 600 people coming for workshops and stem nors on how to -- and seminars on how to grass roots organize and mature as a political organization they are expecting 1,000 when governor palin is the headline speaker. when you talk to the folks they don't see controversy and conflict they see growing pains the operative emphasis being on the fact they are growing and wrestling with issues with their expansion. the movement has no centralized leadership that's how they like it. they call it organic grass roots organized at the local level by folks with shared interests. there's lots of different
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interests around the country and competing agendas. there are folks who picked fights within the tea party movement this doesn't happen to be one. critics of this kong said they shouldn't be charging ticket prices or perhaps paying sarah palin a big speaking fee. she has agreed to give the fee back to the cause. and the cause of renting a hotel and holding a workshop with a roof over your head has to be paid by somebody so they did charge a ticket. the organization says if they make a profit they will plow it back into the cause. the controversy probably stems from the idea that the tea party movement fundamentally a fiscally conservative, pro constitution, pro national security organization, without leadership, is somebody had to say, hey i'm gonna hold a workshop or convention or have a meeting of leadership to chart the way forward and self-appoint themselves as leader in an organization that doesn't like leadership now and ticked off at the way things are going in washington in the republican and democratic party. they've said over and over they want republicans to
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toughen up on their conservative principles, tea matter principle and not be so so worried at winning at any cost and how to become more effective. things like how to take advantage of direct mail, make phone calls, find one another, have meetings, shape out their causes. before this is over it is expected they are going to let us know what they think the tea party movement should be doing in terms of fundraising for candidates and if they get elected expecting them to be answerable to the tea party and their causes less they lose the movement's support. >> greta: who are the names we would recognize? secondly, do you have a sense every state is represented or a huge number of states are represented? >> reporter: absolutely there is. we have folks from hawaii, i'm told there's some tea party folks from trinidad here.
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shared meants not necessarily voting capacity in terms of celebrities, no this is not about celebrities. there aren't big named republicans or politicoes coming for this this is folks at the grass roots level trying to network. there were two spokers who are not able to come members -- speakers who are not able to come, blackburn and bachman a strong conservative very vocal in recent months. they originally had hopes to come and both decided not to over disagreement with congressional rules on whether or not it would meet ethics standards to come speak here. they both wanted to be here. sarah palin doesn't have those constraints so she is coming. obviously there's enthuse . -- enthusiasm. this is not about celebrity this is empowering people at the local level. i spoke with a woman from long island who has a tea party
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there that meets twice a month with a couple hunt of people. so it is all over the place. they admit they don't have all the answers. they admit they have disagreements. they admit they have more growing to do. they don't call it controversy they call it part of their expansion. >> greta: in terms of governor palin's speech do we know what the message is going to be? any hints about the speech? >> reporter: absolutely. governor palin has consistently about an arden support of the tea party movement -- ardent supporter of the tee matter the idea that anything that supports the constitution is good for the republic. because there has been sniping particularly from the left from bloggers trying to foment fractures in conservatism and republican party one of the things she is going to do is say for those who couldn't make it the people involved in the tea party express bus tour she will speak at the start of their next bus tour there.
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will be other gatherings around the country she has vowed to go to as well. this doesn't claim to be the only convention or the be-all and end-all. it is a bunch of folks from tennessee who said we ought to do networking and work ing and that's what they are doing. >> greta: later, is a government take over of health care going on right now while no one is looking? more on the biggest boxing match around. bill o'reilly versus jon stewart, round two.
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>> greta: all eyes are on nashville, home of the tea party convention not without critics and problems. $549 price tag, politicians dropping out. is it a grass roots event or fundraiser? where is the money going? judge philips joins us live. why did you organize this? what is your goal? >> well, good evening greta. we have several gels. first we wanted the -- gels. first we wanted the opportunity for actives to network, get to know -- active s to network, get to
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know each other exchange ideas. everybody in the tea party is new at this. we are just learning every time we do this. some things work some don't. we wanted to teach people some things that work and didn't work. finally which would fire the activists up so when they go back to their communities they are pumped up. >> greta: how high-tech is it? this controversy over governor palin the keynote speaker. you have a lot of attendees paying a substantial amount or you could put it up on skype. how high-tech are you? >> we are high-tech and we are going to have this out on the internet. the truth is there is nothing like getting people together. you cannot recreate that energy, comradery over the internet. that's one of the big goals out of this event. so some of these people like
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activists from california, ten , new hampshire can get to know each other exchange e-mail addresses and stay in contact. >> greta: explain the controversy, governor palin is being paid $100,000 for her speech. she is saying it is going back to the movement. within way to be to refuse the payment. how is it going back to the tea party movement? >> i can answer anything related to that >> greta: because you don't know or you won't answer it? >> well, i cannot speak for governor palin. i don't know what she is going to do. when you get a speaker in at the calibre of governor palin it is not done on a hand shake part of that agreement includes a confidentiality clause. i cannot and won't speak about it. governor palin has and i defer those questions to her. >> greta: is true some members of the national tea party
1:24 am
movement are not at the convention decided not to go because of that? is it that much of a controversy within the tea party movement? >> no. only one sponsor dropped out. he had his own odd set of issues. it is not that big of an issue. the people here at this convention, we are at capacity at 600, they are excited, pumped up and here because they want to move our agenda forward and learn how to do that better -- that the predominant thought. >> greta: why nashville, any particular reason? >> it's home >> greta: your home? >> yeah i live outside of nashville. one thing about the tea party movement when we started doing the rallies none of us had organized a rally before. website, we never had done that before but we did it. with the con we did that too. we did it in nashville because
1:25 am
it gave us a comfort factor being that close to home. nashville is a great place. >> greta: what is your occupies? what do you when you are not involved in the tea party movement? this is a diverse group. >> i'm a small town lawyer. >> greta: thank you very much. good luck we'll be following your convention. thanks sir. >> thank you. >> greta: do you know what the house of representatives just voted for? i have a suspicion you might npjs like it. liz mcdonnell will join us. you have to see this video, this ad to see why everyone is this ad to see why everyone is e-mailing it. i drove my first car from my parent's home in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970.
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>> greta: you are in luck we just got more a short while ago the house of representatives, 217-212 to raise the debt ceiling to 14.3 trillion. we got 1.9 trillion more debt to spend that is 45,000 for every american. elizabeth mcdonnell joins us. that is not good news is it? >> no, we just added the equivalent of the gdp of france. what we saw today is mood december threatened again to downgrade the u.s. aaa rating since it had since the early part of the 20th century.
1:29 am
they've been threatening to do that every time their language gets tougher and the threats become more frequent. if they do it would become more expensive for the u.s. to borrow. the interest cost of the debt would go up. >> greta: we have china and japan who hold most of our debt they are neck-and-neck. more difficult for us to get it from them? >> that's right. what is happening is we are spending two dollars for every dollar we take in, intacts. we take in 2.4 trillion in taxes and spending about double that what's going on too social security and medicare, load those liabilities and that enough to block out the sun. equates to with national debt it equates to the gdp of the entire planet. when you hear these numbers your eyes start to glaze over and you got to wonder will the u.s. get their aaa rating downgraded to below canada or germany or france?
1:30 am
could that happen? >> greta: is that a possibility? it is hard to think of that i can't think of our country getting to that position but is that just a threat? >> it seem like a threat. mood december gives ratings to thousands of subprime bonds they did give them out with abandon during the bubble. they've downgraded other countries, canada, japan, ireland for example all struggled -- struggled to get out but did get their aaa back but it was a hard it. when you see what is going on in this government, what they are doing to bring back fiscal responsibility, because let's face it, fiscally responsible politicians are an endangered in , you got to look, take an x-ray and see what they are saying. the rules which the president is now endorsing which says if you pass new spending you have to raise taxes or cut spending
1:31 am
somewhere else. the biggest violation is the fact that we are spending 3.8 trillion versus taking 2.4 beyond in taxes. >> greta: is one of the problems congress has such short term vision they think in terms of the next election? and they are not looking down the road. not looking at the long term effect in terms of as our debt grows vis-a-vis china we lose our economic muscle and power in the world as we become weaker financially? >> that's a problem we saw that with raising the debt ceiling 14 trillion we just raised it 12 trillion in november. the word is they wanted in washington they wanted to revisit that again and raise it again now in advance of the midterm elections and not have that difficult issue looming before congress as many in people in congress face reelection.
1:32 am
>> greta: raising the debt ceiling is another way to say you can't pay your bills so you have to borrow more. >> yeah. >> greta: any family who did that on a budget would be in deep trouble. >> you are right. americans are saying we are trying to get our fiscal house in order. why can't you do that in washington? what are seeing is the effort to have a deficit commission. when you hear the word "commission" that's a failure of the political process. >> greta: it is jobs. maybe a few more jobs unless they are pulled from other areas. any way thank you for joining us. >> gladly. >> government take over of health care? no not the health care bill by 2012 the government will be paying half of all health care costs in the united states without any new bill. how can that be? david brucker joins us. how can that be? no health care bill how could the government increasing
1:33 am
paying more melt care? >> when you look at the all the government programs that fund health care for various sectors of the population you have a growing entitlement cost medicare for seniors or medicaid a jointly funded program by the state and the feds for people who are poor, you have growing amount of the price tag, growing amount of the bill is paid for by the federal government. it is a different thing greta than saying the government is running health care. but the government is paying for health care. >> greta: i suppose as the economy is more sluggish and remain in recession more people seem to need more help and it beening -- and it becomes a bigger problem? >> it a vicious cycle fewer tax dollars come in because people are out of work the more people need tax dollars to help them get by more mind end up on medicaid over past few years eligibility for
1:34 am
programs has expanded to move from the very poor to the not quite so poor you have seen a program which takes care of children of the middle class and poor that is government funded. of course when the government is not receiving as many tax dollars because not as many people are paying income tax it hurts the bottom line. >> greta: who put together this report saying 2012 the government will be paying more than 50%? who put together this report? we can identify the source? >> i'm not sure who put together the report. >> greta: did the report come out of the government itself? >> it probably did. i'll tell you why, already a third of all federal government expeditures, period are for entitlement programs, medicare, medicaid or social security. it is part of the looming problem we have. as people live longer and the baby boom generation retires, more tax dollars are going to be needed to pay for medicare, social security and other
1:35 am
programs like that so, clearly that's where the numbers are headed this wasn't out of left field for me. >> greta: any one on capitol hill has a suggestion how we bail out of this? we the resection and everyone living longer. both of those problems are going to make this a very difficult challenge. >> greta, this is something that everybody loves to talk about and likes to complain politics get in the way. the one persona jumps to mind is congressman ryan a wisconsin republican who put together and a plan to deal with all entitlement spending programs and try and get things back on track over the next 20 to 40 years. there are democrats that have ideas it is the type of thing that takes political will. nobody believes the voters, the people who company pain -- who complain want the government to do anything about it. i think part of the reason is, people feel they pay so much in taxes, they can't understand why any service
1:36 am
would need to be cut. in fact they feel they should be getting more for their money. any time a politician suggests that you make changes to popular programs, like social secure -- security, medicare there's a cry how dare you. so nothing gets done. one day if there is will one of these ideas will be brought into fruition and something will be done. >> greta: of course we go back to the original problem we discussed about whether politicians have a long term view or whether they look towards the next election because that could have a bearing on how they decide they want to handle these things. >> i vote for next election. >> greta: david, thank you. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: the final part of my interview with jon stewart. then laura ingram will analyze the chat. that may be a mistake. >> greta: 11 p.m. eastern. next up on the record, new
1:37 am
jobless numbers are in. is the stimulus bill working or not? the jobless number might give you a hint. later a driver in new york is a real dummy. the whole story in our best of the rest.
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>> from american's news headquarters, i'm ainsley
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earhardt. 10 american missionaries detained in haiti had been charged with child kidnapping. a haitian attorney says they have also the been charged with criminal association. haitian authorities say they tried to take 33 children out of the country without the proper paperwork. a deadly crash with a u.s.-made helicopter believed involved in eight operations in haiti, righted across the bord inserted dominican republic. kill it would go men on board. it is unclear where they are from. a major snowstorm getting ready to slam the east coast. the storm's drenched the southeast and could bring up to 2 feet of snow in the d.c./virginia areas. strong winds are expected to create blizzard-like conditions and high snow drifts. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to "on the record with greta van susteren." thanks for waffing the fox news channel. check out ta:r ears. first time jobless claims are again up by 8,000. total number is now 480,000. it is the fourth rise in the
1:42 am
past five weeks. jobless claims are up, employment for december at 10%. what about january unemployment numbers? don't get those until 12 hours from now. financial report for the "washington post" joins news washington. jobless numbers everyone says the increase was unexpected. why am i hearing unexpected? >> well, it appeared for the last few months the job market is getting better. the pace of lay-offs have been slowing. number of new claims which is what this number was earlier today is -- was tapering off and getting lower now it has been spiking again. it is a bad sign it means we don't seem to be out of this misery just yet and apparently have more hard times to come. >> greta: what is a better indicator jobless claims numbers or tomorrow's unemployment numbers or you have to look at them together? >> tomorrow morning's number comes out at 8:30 the more
1:43 am
telling indicator based on a bigger sample. that will tell us whether the market is creating jobs in a significant a. -- significant way. forcasters think 13,000 jobs. that is not going to cut it. would be nice to have a positive number but not creating enough jobs to get in economy moving and put people back to work many we'll get a sense of whether the market is starting to expand and police are having confidence and hiring again. >> greta: we just said the jobless numbers were unexpected in terms what is expected tomorrow, any sort of idea what people are expecting tomorrow? >> well, what the forcasters are saying 13,000 new jobs created in january. it could vary. we could lose jobs, gaining more. unemployment rate unchanged 10%. a lot of variance we could have higher, lower. the truth is, the long term trend isn't that great. for the next few months steadily rising unemployment
1:44 am
couple of reasons. big country, creating a few thousand jobs isn't enough. we need to create somewhere around 130,000 jobs a month to keep up with this high population to keep up with people entering the labor force. >> greta: is that an indictment of the stimulus package? the fact that we are not getting the numbers turned around and it is a year later? >> it is very point. certainly the obama people when they proposed this plan the plan it would make the unemployment rate top out at 8% or so have us creating jobs by now that has not happened. think would argue the economy is in a deeper dive than they forecasted at the time. certainly a disappointment. >> greta: is it a reason to doubt their judgment? i realize economics is very difficult, inexact science. if the jump was bad a year ago about where we are. now they tell us -- should we have less confidence. do people have less confidence
1:45 am
in their judgment i should say? >> the question is the stimulus a failure because it was too big or too small? a lot of economists including those on the left and a lot in the center would say maybe we should have done more spending. that said maybe this wasn't the right approach, as we see numbers look weak month after month. >> greta: 8:30 tomorrow morning we'll see the numbers. of course they don't reflect people who are discouraged some areas where it is spiked like nevada or detroit if you don't have a job it doesn't matter what the numbers are you are still hurting. neil, thank you. >> coming up the man who secures all of us in the news, skewers all of us in the news, jon stewart. more video of that interview between stewart and o'reilly. we have a strange video for
1:46 am
thank you everyone is talking about. watch for yourself and fan out. >> plus, how far would you go to avoid rush hour traffic? we've got a great story. someone wins the dummy award, big time. back in three minutes with our best of the rest. %%%%%%%%
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. bizarre pairing. will you see bill o'reilly on jon stewart on the 2012 ticket? bill: trying khalid sheikh mohammed in your livingroom because you live downtown. he's going to be in your livingroom. are you down with that?
1:50 am
>> i would like him tried in the pit and i would like him to be executed at halftime of the super wohl. -- bowl and reanimated every year. bill will bill: 00 million in the city. >> i'm glad to see you are concerned about cost. bill: i'm a physical conservative. >> when the iraq war was coming up you might have mentioned that bill: i said many times on this program that was not a good thing to do. >> you said you would apologize if they didn't find weapons of mass destruction. bill: i said i was wrong many times that whole iraq thing did not go well. back to ksm. he should be tried against military tribunals. i need a strong vp. >> i am not running with you. i'm not going to be your w -- vp. i get one job to light the white house menorah. not interested.
1:51 am
>> greta: the interview will be available on >> check out this political ad making the internet rounds. she is running for republican nomination for california senate to unseat senator barbara boxer. >> purity, piety, our physical conservative leaders men who we admire, aspire to be. wholesome, honorable, true believers. men like tom campbell who would never lead us astray. his pedestal, so high. >> leaving but one way to fall. tom campbell is he what he tells us or what he's become over the years?
1:52 am
fiscal conservative in name only. a wolf in sheep's clothing. a man who literally helped put the state of california on the path to bankruptcy and higher taxes. fiscal conservative? or just another same old tax and spend authored by a career politician who helped guide us into this fiscal mess in the first place. >> greta: what do you think? log on to and vote. tell us if you think it is clever or dumb. >> final it is happening, heinz is making your dreams come true or at least your dream of not having ketchup squirt all over you. the new packet has a base for dipping still has a tear-off end to squeeze. will hold up to three times market -- times more ketchup. will roll out in select
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restaurants in the fall. saying it people complained it was hard to dip their food. behind hired people to test drive the new packet for two years they drove dipping food into the ketchup. how do i get that job? say bye-bye to tai shan they are levering for china. the 3-year-old was raised at the zoo in atlanta. 4 1/2-year-old graw up in washington, d.c.. the national zoo still has two pandas left on a 10 year, 10 million dollar loan and that deal ends in december. vets hope the female will become pregnant soon they are flying to china in special fedex panda planes it will take 14 hours to get there. good-bye and good luck. >> what a dummy. long island new york driver
1:54 am
gets caught taking van of the hov lane on the highway by using a mannequin as her fake passenger. how did she get busted? the deputy noticed a cut passenger with sunglasses and the sunriseor down. something odd, it was an overcast day when the deputy pulled her over the driver tried to continue the charade and the sheriff asked for the mannequin's lines. the driver was fined $135 and two points on her license. if you are trying to be sneaky dress your dummy weather appropriate clothing. there you have it the best of the rest. one more quick round before we turn the lights. the view's sherry shepard tries to make a new friend. maybe she needs a new pick-up line. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services...
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they work to make a difference. to make an impact. to improve the lives of others. they're people in positions of great power. the power to effect change. for them, career advancement is a goal. but not the only goal. for them, it's not about the money.
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although money is always nice. it's not about a corner office. it's about a greater good. there's a school for people like this. an online university where advanced degrees advance the quality of life. walden university. a higher degree. a higher purpose. >> greta: 11:00 is here, back to studio lights. it's time. last call. sometimes, even celebrities get tongue tied. sheri shepherd was excited when she got to meet rapper, jay-z in an event in nork morning city you don't know how to talk to jay-z and beyonce. >> why not? >> i don't believe you one iota. >> no. >> i mean, i'm listening to jay-z. i was star struck. i said to jay-z. he goes like this. with a cute laugh. he laughs like that.
1:59 am
i went jay-z, i was in jail for 10 days. that is what came out. >> and that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for with be us tonight. on the record is celebrating our eight year anniversary. where would we be without you, of course? thank you very much for making us number one at 10:00 p.m. for eight straight years. we'll see you tomorrow. make sure to follow us on twitter. you can sign up to get tweets any time we post anything on twitter. until then, keep it here on fox news channel. the most power full name in news. o'reilly factor is next. good night from new york.


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